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The country of Cyprus is like a family that never has time to be together because they are always entertaining guests, and the identity of the country can sometimes be lost in all this

Cyprus welcomes as many as 15 million tourists every year, who come to engrave a piece of the beautiful and endowed island in their memory, before taking off to another place worth committing to memory. With all these tourists and so much focus on the beaches and wonders Cyprus has to offer, it can be very easy to forget that there is more to the gorgeous island, than just UNESCO World Heritage sites and Blue Flag beaches.

We look at a few things the locals and people are passionate about.


Cypriots are a very religious people, devoted Christians to the Orthodox church in particular.

Christianity came to Cyprus in around AD 45, brought by Apostle Lazarus, who is the Patron Saint of the Church of Lazarus in Larnaca, and Barnabas, who was the Cypriot Jew and was with the apostle Paul on many of his missions. Apostle Barnabas is cited in the Bible in Acts  4:36 and Acts 14:14. A good number of the stories in the Bible happen to have taken place in Cyprus. Evidence from tombs and the age long buildings scattered all over the country tell their stories. The most important church in Cyprus is the Church of Cyprus, which is an autocephalous Greek Orthodox church, and one of the oldest. Close to 80% of the Cypriot population are of Orthodox faith, while the remaining portion is either Sunni Muslim, Protestant, Catholic, Armenian Apostolic, and even Buddhist.

Cyprus is also the location for some of the most remarkable stories and relics of Greek mythology, with none bigger than the famed Mount Olympus, which was the lair of the gods of Greece.


While this is a global issue, Cypriots are still noticeable very keen on fashion. The latest trends and collections by renowned names do not go amiss, and are used as inspiration by Cypriot designers to make styles that are usually very unique and still attractive. Blending true Mediterranean styles to the modern day trends, allows Cypriots to have collections that are unique, expressive of their culture, and still looking en vogue. It’s no surprise therefore that shopping and fashion houses is a booming business with or without the tourists flocking in.

But Cypriots also know that the fashion inherited from tradition is timeless, and so every festival is properly honoured by adorning the appropriate traditional or customary garb.


Sports is not one of the things that people looking from afar will generally relate with Cyprus. We never hear about their national teams on the biggest stages and competitions, and they really haven’t had any success of note, but football is the most popular sport in Cyprus and draws quite the crowd.  Football is a global sport and its charm has not left Cyprus indifferent.

The football league is divided into four well organized divisions, with the Cyta Championship being the elite. The highlight of the season is the European Cup season, when Cypriot teams that qualify for the Champions League or Europa Cup get to play against the other big teams of Europe. Apollon Limassol is one of the biggest clubs in the country, having played multiple times in both the Champions League and Europa League, and shares a fierce rivalry with AEL Limassol. Other notable clubs of the country are Anorthosis Famagusta, Omonia Limassol, AEK Larnaca, and Paralimni.

The people of Cyprus are also very passionate about their cuisine, which is one of the best in the Mediterranean, and family. Cypriots usually have very large extended families and always make sure to find time to be together, whether it is during celebrations or just organized reunions. Hospitality is second nature to these Mediterranean people and while their country has become one of the attractions of the world, one thing that is certain is the pride Cypriots take in their heritage and values, two things that will never get lost as modernization continues to grow.

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The earth is blessed\r\nwith some of the amazing works of art we will ever see, and none more so than\r\nnature itself. After humans, here are some of nature’s most astonishing works.

Kuang\r\nSi Falls, Laos


Leading up to this breathtaking wonder of nature, the\r\nscenery of the villages along the way set you up nicely for what you are about\r\nto see, a picturesque entrée into a sight you won’t soon forget. Located near\r\nthe city of Luang Parabang, the Kuang Si Falls, the largest in the area, is a\r\nthree tier waterfall that drops gracefully about some 60ft. into a charming\r\nturquoise-coloured pool. The Falls announce themselves with a fresh breezy\r\nclimate that is a noticeable change from the usually hot Luang Prabang, and\r\nthen walkways and trails guide you to the deliciously fresh waters that wow\r\nyour eyes with a tantalizing azure colour.


One of the pools is closed to visitors and tourists, as it\r\nis considered sacred, but the rest are for swimming gab and pleasure, take a\r\ndip and refresh yourself. The pools flow downstream into a bigger river, and\r\nare surrounded by a forest and trails that can be hiked into and out of the\r\nFalls.

Salar\r\nde Uyuni, Bolivia


Only till you see it can you fully understand why this place\r\nis called the mirror of God, why it is a dream spot for photographers,\r\nand what it means to be in the presence of something bigger than yourself.


The Salar de Uyuni is the world’s largest salt flat and\r\nbeneath it lies close to 70% of the world’s known lithium reserve, but what\r\ntakes your breath away is the crust of the salt flat. The uncanny smoothness\r\nand flat nature of the 10,582 km2 salt field make it the perfect\r\ncanvas for probably the most spectacular sight you’ll ever be witness to. A\r\nthin film of water transforms the entire Salar de Uyuni into a giant mirror\r\nthat reflects the sky. It’ll feel like standing in the presence of something\r\nlarger than life, larger than yourself.


Other than that, there is a train cemetery that will give\r\nyou a feel of what was once a Pacific Ocean port. Something peculiar to the de\r\nUyuni as well, is the hotels of the area, with walls made entirely of salt\r\nblocks cut from the Salar de Uyuni itself. An inhabited island stands in the\r\nmiddle of Salar de Uyuni and the craft work of the denizens is a must-have. 

Machu\r\nPicchu, Peru


Located in the Cuzco region in Peru, the Machu Picchu is\r\nanother one of those places in the Americas that make you wonder about those\r\nwho were before us, all the while being in awe. Scientist and archaeologists\r\nare still to completely decipher what it was used for, but what they all know\r\nis what everyone who get there knows, it is jaw dropping.


An ancient Inca city, the Machu Picchu is now a UNESCO World\r\nHeritage site, a Peruvian Historic Sanctuary, and one of the New Seven Wonders\r\nof the World. The sheer grandeur and mystery of the place add to its stunning\r\nsite and makes it a place to definitely see at least once in a life time. 



If you thought Peru or the Americas were done with their\r\namazing, then you are in for another buster.


In the Ica province in Peru, deep in the sand dunes of the\r\ndesert, is the stunning oasis village of Huacachina. Legend has it the lagoon\r\nin the village came to be when a beautiful native princess left her bathing\r\nwater, to hide, after spotting a hunter watching her, and according the\r\nlegends, the water and mud of the village have a healing effect.


The village surrounds a beautiful lagoon whose waters are an\r\nemerald green, while the village itself is surrounded by folds of inviting sand\r\ndunes. The Huacachina is for the adventurous and the lovers of thrill; whether\r\nriding dune buggies, or flying over the famous Nazca lines, or sandboarding the\r\ndunes, there is always something to keep the blood pumping and the adrenaline\r\nspiking, while the lovely night life of the village adds a cherry to an\r\nunforgettable day.

Chichen\r\nItza, Mexico


Built by the Mayans, the city of Chichen Itza is one of the\r\nsights to behold in Mexico. Built in about 800 AD, the city is located in\r\nmodern day Yucatan State in Mexico.


The city is an assortment of architectural styles and could\r\nhave been one of the most diverse in the Mayan population, it certainly one of\r\nthe biggest. The biggest attraction of the city is the Temple of KuKulcan or El\r\nCastillo, a dominating step pyramid that stands at the center of the city that\r\nstands about 98ft high. The imposing structure has a hidden underground temple\r\nthat holds a throne room with a jaguar-shaped throne.


The city has many other breathtaking sites and imposing\r\nfigures such as the Great Ball Court,\r\nthe Templo del Hombre Barbado, and\r\nthe Tzompantil (skull platform).

The wonders of the world keep growing each year, and it is\r\nsometimes hard to keep up with them, or remember all of them, but what is sure\r\nis that we have been blessed with these amazing sites, some by nature, and\r\nothers by those before us, and the least we can do is commit the ones we can to\r\nmemory.


Find beauty in the world, its everywhere.




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Badlands National Park; it’s all good in the badlands, it’s all fun!

Called Mako Sica by the indigenous Lakota people of the area, the Badlands is today so called for its topography, more than anything else. This breathtaking prairie wilderness is over 900 km2 of unbridled and untamed fuuuuuuuunnn!

Found in the State of South Dakota, which is also home to Mount Rushmore (not far from the badlands… so we can go right???), the Badland National Park is a native prairie wilderness, with skyscapes, multilayered and multicoloured rocks, mind-blowing fossils, and a variety of thrilling wildlife. The stories around and about the badlands, the people from the past and its history will leave you in awe.

Campers? Let’s go!

Whether in the front or back country, the airy, and serene badlands is definitely a place to spend a few days in.

The front country campers have two lovely campgrounds to choose from;

The humongous Cedar Pass campground, which as 96 sites for campers, each backdropped and surrounded by a scenic slice of the goodness of nature that the badlands have to offer. The campground also has four campsites dedicated to group campers (mom, dad, and us), with a few others open in the winter months.

Or you could go for a more traditional camping experience; the cool flashlights, little delightful treks to the water point, wildlife coming through, and just the sound of the night air or laughter to lull you through the night, at the Sage Creek Campground.

Backcountry campers get the authentic camping spirit, find a safe spot, set up shop and commune with nature. Be sure to bring a map, and your passion for the outdoor.

Let’s go Hiking

With eight pleasurably arduous trails to discover and revel in, all you need to pack (apart from the essential hiking needs of course) is an open mind, and your sense of discovery, because it definitely is going to be awesome!

 Appreciate the wildlife

The bighorn sheep, the prairie dogs, the bisons, what else??? Because there is more, much more! The wildlife of the badlands is varied, diverse, and scattered all over the park. Have your cameras ready, keep a safe distance, and be amazed!

Learn something, it’s impossible not to

Got a school project? Love history? Or just passionately curious about the world, nature, and life?

Then the badlands is as perfect a place to start as any. Get to learn about the badlands with the rangers at your disposal, or even through a video conference, or do it big with a field trip.

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Parko Paliatso; the fun never stops

Entertainment is a constant in the world because children as well as adults will always have the need for a little time away from the seriousness and realities of the world, and we’ll always be here to make sure the fun never stops.

About to celebrate 20 years as a funmaker, a joy bringer, and one of the most entertaining parks in all of Cyprus, Parko Paliatso still doesn’t know when to kill the fun, it just keeps going!

The biggest fun park in Cyprus, Parko Paliatso stands on a whopping 30,000 square metres of land, and boasts of 25 different attractions, not counting the stalls and booths which all pack a dab of fun of their own. Created by Vali Amusements Ltd., Parko Paliatso has something thrilling, exciting, and funfilled for everyone, from adults to the children.

We play BIGGGG

Parko Paliatso is not only the biggest fun park in Cyprus, but is also home to the highest ejection seat ride in Europe; the sling shot. The sling shot goes as high as 160cm, and is NOT for the faint-hearted. It is slotted as one of our four extreme rides, the others being the looping star, the street fighter, and the booster.

No one is left out

Divided into four main levels of attractions, the park has entertainment for family, adults only, and then children. The different attractions can be grouped into four main slots; the extreme rides, the family extreme rides, which includes the spectacular wild mouse ride, the family rides, and then the kiddie rides.

The kiddie rides are ten in number and includes a huge merry-go-round, a cartwheel, and a toboggan slide area, amongst others.

What about the adults?

The adults have their moment too, if you’re coming with friends or a partner, this will be the perfect place to keep the smiles, laughs, and excitement coming all the long.

A 45 Metre Giant cartwheel is a place to start, or you could go in for some music and jingle on the music express, but if you really want to test your grit, you can cut right through and head for the extreme rides and take a shot at the mindboggling booster, the looping star, or the dreaded sling shot.

Space for everyone

Over 30,000 square metres of fun had to have something about it, and the Parko Paliatso has just that; a parking that can hold over 300 cars! So come with your friends, your friend’s friends, and the whole neighborhood for a fun filled day with the kids, we’ve got accommodation for everyone.

Over 19 years and still the fun never gets old, it’s still as exciting, thrilling, and entertaining as ever, because we never stop looking for the fun in everything, and we never stop searching for what new ways to entertain the world.

What are you waiting for? Let’s have some fun!!

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