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Efeto Properties; Building the future today

Infrastructure is quickly becoming a key issue in the world, whether for those who are looking to expand a hotel chain, company offices, or just start a new real estate project, and much more. Having the right building speaks volumes of the business or home owner, and that is why Efeto Properties doesn’t compromise when it comes to quality and has put up some of the most impressive yet solid buildings in Limassol and Cyprus today.

Established and based in Limassol, Efeto properties is a construction and property development company that draws inspiration and know-how from its over 40 years of experience and drawing from the greatest architects and infrastructure, to deliver innovative and larger than life buildings that can only make you wonder.

We insist on quality

Adamant about quality and excellence, Efeto properties builds both residential and commercial projects, and has not disappointed in its delivery at any given time. Quality is what makes the best standout, and it is one of the key indicators of true value for money, return on investment, and tells prospective clients what you stand for and how you go about your business. Efeto Properties spares no expenses when it comes to quality, from the finest of materials to the most intricate of details, and that is reflected in the meteoric success of the company despite its being relatively new.

Why we go for only the finest

The choice of material plays a big role in every housing or real estate project, as it not only determines how long you may have to stay, but also the security of the place. Durability is another one of the fundamental considerations in property development, and Efeto properties spares no expense to make sure it gets the best material for the job. Another perk of dealing only in the best money can buy, is that in the right hands, this directly translates to security, something that we can’t put a price on.

A touch of class and aesthetic

Beauty doesn’t have to take a backseat just because realism comes first. Part of the quality Efeto properties brings to its projects is beauty and a unique twist to its aesthetics, that make their designs not only refreshingly breathtaking but also innovative and contemporary.

For clients desiring a personal touch or a particular detail to their projects, we are all in for it, because part of beauty is being unique and creativity lives inside of every man.



We care, it’s part of our job

With Efeto properties, it’s not just about putting up structures, we build homes, whether for your family or business, we build a place that is as welcoming as it is longstanding. We a home and then a friendship, so that our clients become more than just business to us, they become a part of our own family and home.

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