Badlands National Park; it’s all good in the badlands, it’s all fun!

Badlands National Park; it’s all good in the badlands, it’s all fun!

Called Mako Sica by the indigenous Lakota people of the area, the Badlands is today so called for its topography, more than anything else. This breathtaking prairie wilderness is over 900 km2 of unbridled and untamed fuuuuuuuunnn!

Found in the State of South Dakota, which is also home to Mount Rushmore (not far from the badlands… so we can go right???), the Badland National Park is a native prairie wilderness, with skyscapes, multilayered and multicoloured rocks, mind-blowing fossils, and a variety of thrilling wildlife. The stories around and about the badlands, the people from the past and its history will leave you in awe.

Campers? Let’s go!

Whether in the front or back country, the airy, and serene badlands is definitely a place to spend a few days in.

The front country campers have two lovely campgrounds to choose from;

The humongous Cedar Pass campground, which as 96 sites for campers, each backdropped and surrounded by a scenic slice of the goodness of nature that the badlands have to offer. The campground also has four campsites dedicated to group campers (mom, dad, and us), with a few others open in the winter months.

Or you could go for a more traditional camping experience; the cool flashlights, little delightful treks to the water point, wildlife coming through, and just the sound of the night air or laughter to lull you through the night, at the Sage Creek Campground.

Backcountry campers get the authentic camping spirit, find a safe spot, set up shop and commune with nature. Be sure to bring a map, and your passion for the outdoor.

Let’s go Hiking

With eight pleasurably arduous trails to discover and revel in, all you need to pack (apart from the essential hiking needs of course) is an open mind, and your sense of discovery, because it definitely is going to be awesome!

 Appreciate the wildlife

The bighorn sheep, the prairie dogs, the bisons, what else??? Because there is more, much more! The wildlife of the badlands is varied, diverse, and scattered all over the park. Have your cameras ready, keep a safe distance, and be amazed!

Learn something, it’s impossible not to

Got a school project? Love history? Or just passionately curious about the world, nature, and life?

Then the badlands is as perfect a place to start as any. Get to learn about the badlands with the rangers at your disposal, or even through a video conference, or do it big with a field trip.

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