Parko Paliatso; the fun never stops

Parko Paliatso; the fun never stops

Entertainment is a constant in the world because children as well as adults will always have the need for a little time away from the seriousness and realities of the world, and we’ll always be here to make sure the fun never stops.

About to celebrate 20 years as a funmaker, a joy bringer, and one of the most entertaining parks in all of Cyprus, Parko Paliatso still doesn’t know when to kill the fun, it just keeps going!

The biggest fun park in Cyprus, Parko Paliatso stands on a whopping 30,000 square metres of land, and boasts of 25 different attractions, not counting the stalls and booths which all pack a dab of fun of their own. Created by Vali Amusements Ltd., Parko Paliatso has something thrilling, exciting, and funfilled for everyone, from adults to the children.

We play BIGGGG

Parko Paliatso is not only the biggest fun park in Cyprus, but is also home to the highest ejection seat ride in Europe; the sling shot. The sling shot goes as high as 160cm, and is NOT for the faint-hearted. It is slotted as one of our four extreme rides, the others being the looping star, the street fighter, and the booster.

No one is left out

Divided into four main levels of attractions, the park has entertainment for family, adults only, and then children. The different attractions can be grouped into four main slots; the extreme rides, the family extreme rides, which includes the spectacular wild mouse ride, the family rides, and then the kiddie rides.

The kiddie rides are ten in number and includes a huge merry-go-round, a cartwheel, and a toboggan slide area, amongst others.

What about the adults?

The adults have their moment too, if you’re coming with friends or a partner, this will be the perfect place to keep the smiles, laughs, and excitement coming all the long.

A 45 Metre Giant cartwheel is a place to start, or you could go in for some music and jingle on the music express, but if you really want to test your grit, you can cut right through and head for the extreme rides and take a shot at the mindboggling booster, the looping star, or the dreaded sling shot.

Space for everyone

Over 30,000 square metres of fun had to have something about it, and the Parko Paliatso has just that; a parking that can hold over 300 cars! So come with your friends, your friend’s friends, and the whole neighborhood for a fun filled day with the kids, we’ve got accommodation for everyone.

Over 19 years and still the fun never gets old, it’s still as exciting, thrilling, and entertaining as ever, because we never stop looking for the fun in everything, and we never stop searching for what new ways to entertain the world.

What are you waiting for? Let’s have some fun!!

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