Building a spiritual life; the key to staying youthful

Building a spiritual life; the key to staying youthful

Billionaire founder of Oracle Sytems, Larry Elison has dedicated a chunk of his wealth to funding research on how to extend human life and make them live forever, and he is not the only one.

But it is not so much about living forever, as it is about staying youthful. Nobody will want to live forever if they won’t be able to enjoy it, or if it means watching on from a home for the old. Youth is not the age or the looks in particular, it is an energy, a feeling from within, and that is what those who seek spirituality have learned, and it is working wonders for them, so why not you?

In very general terms, spirituality is the quest to find the meaning of our lives, by connecting to something beyond ourselves. It is NOT the worship of a god, deity, or a religion, it is simply deep introspection to find true purpose. Where that search takes you, is personal and entirely up to you. From simple exercises to following diets or certain principles, to subscribing to a school of thought, man’s search for answers, truth, purpose, and inner peace has crossed most certainly every human mind, and on each person’s journey, there are consequences, benefits, and results. One of such benefits is youthfulness, and so we decided to take a closer look at some of the most simple spiritual paths that have been known to spur youthfulness.


This simplistic exercise is much more than just sitting down eyes closed and your legs folded. Meditation has been used for over a century by monks and spiritual practitioners to concentrate, control, and direct their energy and mind. The main aim of meditation is to sharpen the mind and generate focus, but meditation is also known to reduce anxiety, helps self-awareness, sharpen attention and memory, and largely reduce stress. Stress, anxiety, increased blood pressure, are just a few of the things that speed up ageing, and also happen to be a few of the things which meditation has a direct impact on, in as little as eight weeks.

Beyond the effect on stress and anxiety, meditation greatly improves cognitive abilities and brain function. Based on research by professors at Harvard Medical School, meditation has a positive effect on the healthy cellular ageing and the replenishment of gray matter around the brain. Gray matter is what carries brain cells, and dendrites, that are responsible for the thinking. Meditation actually slows down the degradation of gray matter, therefore slowing down ageing, while keeping our brain functioning as it should.

This is only one example out of a multitude of research and scientific evidence that backs up the huge role of meditation in staying youthful and sharp. Meditation is fairly simple and requires nothing in particular to begin, just you and somewhere to sit. You can get guides and videos from YouTube or around the web to get you started or subscribe to the teaching and methods of priests and monks.


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